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To Katelyn's Homepage


Hi, my name is Katelyn!
I am 11 years old!
I live in Ohio with my
8 year old Brother, Drew,
my 4 year old sister,
Lauryn, and my Mom
and Dad.

Here are some of the things I like!


I am in the 5th grade
this year at School.


I am a cheerleader for
my schools football



I love dance! I take ballet,
clogging, and tap, at
the Performing Arts school
in my town. I have taken
dance lessons since I was3 years old. My Mom takes
Mother/Daughter dance
class with me too!

    I love to do gymnastics!
I will be starting lessons
for gymnastics in the Fall!


Join 4-H!  

I am in the Crafty Kids
4-H club that I just
joined this year. The
projects that I took
this year were cats,
cooking, and sewing!
Click on the clover to
go find out more about4-H and what it is!


I love to play soccer!
I have played now for
4 years.


Be a Girl Scout!  

I am a Junior Girl Scout. I have been in the girl scouts for 3 years.
I went to Girl Scout Camp this summer and had a great time! Click
on the symbol to find out more about Girl Scouts!



I love kitty cats! I have 11 of them! They live outdoors. Our Mommy
cats names are Oliver, Kit Kat, and Tweety. We have
8 baby kitty's that are named, Miylow, Chance, Precious,
Spot, Spooky, and Callico. The other two arn't named


I also love puppies! We have two of them that live inside. Their names are
Maggie and Carmel.


I really love to read! I also love movies and music! Click on either the girl reading the book or the popcorn to see a list of some great books and movies you can check out, and also for some links to my favorite author's pages and some wav links for my
favorite songs!



See more cute beanies!  

I collect Beanie Babies! I like the cats, dogs, and bears the best, but I like a lot of the rest too! I have about 25 of them. Click on the picture of Scat to go to the Ty site
and check out lots of other cute beanie babies!



I am absolutely crazy about the Rugrats! Check out my Rugrat
Page for lots of cool games,
jokes, pictures, sounds, links,
and more!


I also love Mary-Kate and Ashley!
Click here to visit my Mary-Kate
and Ashley Page!

I like to play baskettball alot.


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